DCcduino Uno R3 ( Arduino Uno R3 Compatible ) NZD $9.99 Mega 2560 R3 ( Arduino Mega 2560 Compatible ) NZD $19.99 Arduino Nano 3.0 compatible NZD $8.35
Pro Mini Atmega328 (Arduino Mini Compatible) NZD $5.50 Deluxe Arduino Starter Kit (With Dccduino Uno R3) NZD $69.99 Arduino Protoshield Screw Terminal Shield NZD $9.99
Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 NZD $7.99 Arduino LCD1602 Keypad Shield NZD $18.99 Relay Module 4 Channels Isolated 3.3 or 5 V Input NZD $6.99
Relay Module 2 Channels Isolated 3.3 or 5 V Input NZD $4.95 Relay Module 8 Channels Isolated 3.3 or 5 V Inputs NZD $18.50 Arduino Compatible SD Card Module SPI Interface NZD $4.00
HC-SR04 Ultrasound Sensor For Range and Distance NZD $4.50 Breadboard Power Supply Module V2.0 USB Regulator NZD $2.80 L9110S Dual H-bridge DC Motor Controller / Driver NZD $4.95
Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module and Antenna for Arduino NZD $27.00 LCD 1602 ( 16x2 ) 5V Blue Backlight Display NZD $5.00 Raspberry Pi Case / enclosure Model B 512MB REV2.0 NZD $8.39
Professional Electrical Tool Set For Engineers And Technicians NZD $49.99 pcDuino / Arduino Enclosure Protect Case NZD $12.99 MMA8451 3-axis Accelerometer Module For Arduino NZD $4.99
Reprap Stepper Driver A4988 Module With Heat Sink NZD $5.99 Battery Case 4 x AA NZD $3.00 Jumper Wires Male - Female 40 Ways 20cm NZD $3.40
Jumper Wires Female - Female 40 Ways 20cm NZD $3.40 HMC5883L Compass Module 3-axis GY-273 I2C 3V - 5V NZD $4.80 AVR USB JTAG ICE Programmer NZD $19.99
Arduino Compatible Due R3 32 bit ARM Core NZD $29.99 Proskit LED Magnifying Glass 7.5x Zoom (Handheld) NZD $9.99 Heavy Duty Boost Converter Constant Current 250W NZD $15.99
LTC3780 Buck Boost DC/DC Converter Module 10A 130W NZD $39.99 DC Motor Variable Speed Controller 12-40V 10A PWM NZD $13.99 ESPDuino Board ESP-13 WiFi and Arduino Uno R3 NZD $26.99
DC-DC CC CV Buck Converter Step-down Power Supply Module 7-40V NZD $14.50 WeMos D1 R2 WiFi Uno based ESP8266 NZD $13.99
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