Fluke 17B+ F17B+ Digital Multimeter + Carrying Bag

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Brand New Genuine Fluke 17B+ Multimeter, quality guaranteed! Price includes GST.
This meter is different from Fluke 15B+ and 18B+ being that it has temperature measurement.
This could be the best value general purpose multimeters by Fluke.

Package Include:
1 x Fluke 17B+ Multimeter
2 x Test Leads
1 x Temperature leads
1 x User's Manual
2 x AA batteries pre-installed
1 x Carrying Case Bag

Multiple functions with Auto / Manual ranges
Large LCD display, 50% bigger display with bright white backlight, 4,000 Counts update 3/sec
600 V Cat III safety rating
Over-voltage indicator
Frequency and temperature measurement
Frequency range: 50Hz to 100Khz
Temperature range: -55C to 400C
Voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance
Input terminal for ac and dc current measurements to 10 A current
Diode test, data hold
Dimension : 180 x 89 x 51.5mm