Gas Struts 245mm 100N x2

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Branded GOOD QUALITY Gas Struts for sale

Brand: Marie
Model No: QM107
Force [N]: 100N each, 200N per pair
Fully Extended Length [mm]: 245
Weight: 115g
Circular plate diameter: 29mm
Stroke [mm]: 90mm
Default terminals: Furniture/Car Hinges (M6 size)

Suitable for cabinets, cupboards, book shelf, closets, windows and many others.

If you require extra or other types of brackets, please check our list for terminals. They are $8.99 per pair.

Package include:
- 2pcs x gas struts
(Note:This listing is for 1 pair of gas struts)
- Mounting parts (as shown in photo)

170mm 4kg x 1 pair$ 29.99

205mm 20kg x 1 pair$29.99
230mm 30kg x 1 pair $32.99
285mm 100N x 1 pair $21.99

320mm 19.5kg 1 pair $35.99
347mm 60kg x 1 pair $37.99

410mm 300N x 1 pair $59.99
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800mm 27kg x 1 pair$109.99
800mm 70kg x 1 pair $109.99

925mm 27kg x 1 pair$139.99

Gas Struts Terminals (different types shown in the picture) x 1 pair$8.99


Fully Extended Length: 245 mm
Stroke: 90 mm
Force per strut: 10 kg
Force per pair: 20 kg
Outer Diameter (D): 16 mm
Inner Diameter (d): 6.04 mm
Terminal size: M6 mm