Rework Station Soldering Iron and Hot Air Gun 2 in 1

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This 2-in-1 soldering station uses microcomputer processor PID program control technology and good precision dual digital display. It comes with fast automatic temperature compensation capability to stabilise the temperature of the hot air gun and soldering iron.

- Comes with 3 nozzles for the air gun: 5mm 8mm &11mm.
- Anti-static soldering iron and hot air gun.
- Smart magnetron control, the air gun automatically switches to working mode when the handle is lifted, and automatically enters standby mode when the air gun is placed on the holder.
- Comes with Auto Sleep shutdown functionality
- The system has automatic cold wind function, can prolong the life of the heating element.

Brand: US record ( MCH )
Model: MCH-SM-899D
Category: LED microcomputer digital display
Power consumption: 700W
Air pump: Diaphragm type of Japan
Gas flow: 120 liters / min (max)
Temperature adjustment range: 100 C - 480 C
Display form: Dual LED digital display
Noise: Less than 45dB
Dimensions: 157 X185 X 135mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Input voltage: 220V
Output voltage: 24V
Warm-up time: Fast
Temperature stability: 1 C
Soldering Stations: Lead-free Rework Station
Scope: Lead-free solder electronic products