Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Test Lead Cable 8A

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These high quality test leads have stacking banana plugs on one end and the other end of the leads have a large alligator clip to grab and hold onto circuit components. The insulated conductors are 41 strands of 0.12mm tinned copper wire. The alligator clips are both crimped and soldered for secure and reliable performance. Ideal for electronic circuit prototyping or testing. They are typically used for all sorts of bench supplies.

Wire Gauge: 3.3mm
Banana outer size: 4mm
Alligator Clip Open Width(Max.) : 10mm
Rated Current: 8A
Rated Voltage 3kv
Rated Temperature: -10C to 100C
Overall Length: 1 m
Weight: 50g
Material: pure copper, Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
- Stacking banana plug to alligator clip
- Multiple banana plugs can be "stacked" together
- Alligator clips are soldered for high reliability
- Each set contains one red and one black lead

Type: Cable

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