BMP180 BOSCH Barometer Pressure Sensor Module

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This BMP180 is a high precision, small size, ultra-low power consumption pressure sensor. This sensor uses a powerful 8-pin ceramic leadless chip carrier (LCC) ultra-thin package that can be directly connected to a variety of microprocessor via I2C bus.

Accuracy: can reach up to 0.03hPa
Power consumption: approx. 3uA (5uA in standard mode)
Pressure range: 300 - 1100hPA (Altitude 9000m to -500m)
Input voltage: 1.8 - 3.6V (VDDA), 1.62 - 3.6V (VDDD)
LCC8 package: Lead-free ceramic package carrier (LCC)
Dimension: 14 x 14 x 1 mm
Interface: I2C
Temperature compensation

- GPS precision navigation (dead reckoning, and down the bridge detection, etc.)
- Indoor and outdoor navigation
- Leisure, sports and medical health monitoring
- Weather forecast
- Vertical speed indicator (rise / sink speed)
- Fan power control

Type: Sensor

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