DC-DC Adjustable Boost Converter Switch Mode Module LM2577

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This module is a LM2577 DC-DC Automatic Boost Converter 3-35V to 2.2-30V LM2596 Voltage Step-Up Power Supply.

Type: Asynchronous Boost Converter
Microcontroller: LM2577
Input Voltage: 3-30 V
Operating Voltage: 4-35 V
Other 1: Quiescent current: 15mA
Other 2: Regulated voltage accuracy: +-0.5%
Other 3: Regulated load accuracy: +-0.5%
Output ripple: 50mV (max)
Switching Frequency: 50k Hz
Input Current: 3A
Output Current: 2.5A (max)
Operating Temperature: -40 degC to 85deg C
Switching Efficiency: 92 %
Size: 48x23x14mm

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