DC-DC USB Step UP/Step Down Power Supply Module,3.5V-12V to 1.2V-24V, Adjustable Boost Buck Converter

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USB boost/buck power supply module, powered by USB, adjust potentiometer to get the required voltage.

- Input voltage: DC 3.5-12V;
- Output voltage:DC 1.2-24V;
- Output power:
Input 1.2-2V,output power within 2W;
Input 2V-20V,output power within 3W;
Input 20V-24V,output power with in 2.5W;
- Display:3Bit digital tube display;
- Size:80*20*14mm

- One button to turn off the output;
- Supply ON/OFF display screen;
- Support low power mode;
- Support sleep mode;
- Support both standard USB and Micro USB and pads input voltage;
- Potentiometer with rotating handle.

Application steps:
1>.Input voltage from Standard USB or Micro USB or VIN+ and VIN-;
2>.Turn ON display screen;
3>.Adjust potentiometer to get the required voltage;
4>.Connect load.

Ordinary power supply;Battery charger;LED drive power;Instrument voltage display;Test meter;Circuit test;Power conversion.

Please Note:
It is not a high power supply, please use it within the power range.

Package Includes:
1 x USB Boost/Buck Power Supply Module

Input Voltage: 3.5 - 12 V
Operating Voltage: 1.2 - 24 V
Input Voltage Limit: 12 V

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