DHT22 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor AM2302

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The DTH22 Sensor is a high precision Digital Temperature and Humidity sensor. It uses a dedicated digital modules collection technology, temperature and humidity sensor technology to produce high reliability, excellent long-term stability sensor. This sensor includes an electrical capacitance type sense element and a wet NTC temperature measurement devices, with high-performance 8-bit microcontroller connections. The product features fast response and anti-interference ability.

Model: DHT22
Power supply: 3.3-6V DC
Output signal: digital signal via single-bus
Sensing element: Polymer capacitor
Operating range humidity: 0-100%RH
Operating temperature: -40 C 80 C
Humidity measurement accuracy: 2%RH (Max 5%RH)
Temperature measurement precision:
Resolution or sensitivity humidity: 0.1%RH
Humidity hysteresis: 0.3%RH
Long-term Stability : 0.5%RH/year

Type: Sensor

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