Digital LED Display DC Voltmeter (RED)

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This digital LED display equips with two wires. It is easy to connect and install and it has a reverse connection protection function. The display will not be burned if the wire is connectedin reverse polarity.

Maximum Input Voltage: <40V
a) When the voltage goes lower than 3.0V, the display brightness will reduced, but it does not affect the correct measurement.
b) When measuring the voltage below 10V, two decimal places are displayed; when measuring the voltage above 10V, one decimal place is displayed.

Operating voltage: DC2.5-40V (with reverse connection protection function)
Detection voltage: DC2.5-30V
Operating current: <30mA
Display mode: 0.28"LED, red blue green yellow (refer to title)
Measurement rate: 200mS/time
Measurement accuracy: 3%
Operating temperature: -10 to 65 degC
Operating Humidity: 10-80% (no condensation)
Operating pressure: 80-106kPA

Type: Digital Display
Also Known As: DC LED display, Ultra small digital DC Voltmeter (RED)
Color: Red

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