DS18B20 Stainless Submersible Temperature Sensor

NZD $8.69 +GST each

SKU: 10073

A waterproof sensor which allows it to be used in a wet condition. Only 1 digital I/O is required. Each sensor has a unique 9-bit serial number stored in ROM. This feature allows unlimited number of these sensors to be connected to the same I/O pin. The sensor is digital and it can give 12 bit of precision from its embedded Analogue to Digital converter. No external circuit and amplifier is required to interface this temperature sensor to a microcontroller. It only requires a 4K7 resistor.

Input voltage: 3.0 - 5.5V
Waterproof : Yes
Cable length: 900 mm
Leads length(Stainless case length): 50mm
Probe Diameters: 6mm
Temperature range: -55C to + 125C
Accuracy: 0.5C for temperature between -10C to +85C

Pin out for this sensor are:
Vin : Red
GND: Black
Signal: Yellow/Blue

Type: Sensor

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