Inductive Proximity Sensor ,M12, 4mm, NPN, Normally Open (NO), 10-30VDC

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Proximity sensors are widely used to detect object contactlessly. Depending on the sensor type, it can detects different object type and send out electrical signal for control and automation.

Inductive proximity sensor is generally used to detect metal object without contact. Many industries uses this type of sensor for position detection, motion monitoring, position control, counting and processing.

This proximity sensor is M12 type, M12 by 45mm. It takes an input voltage of 10-30VDC with detecting distance of 4mm.

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Sensor Type: Inductive Proximity Sensor
Shape: Standard Cylindrical
Type: Non-flush
Size: M12
Thread: Threaded
Sensing Distance: 4 mm
Electrical Design: NPN
Output Function: Normally Open (NO)
Switch Length: 45mm
Wire diameter (C): 4 mm
Cable material: PVC
Operating Voltage: 10-30VDC
Residual Ripple: <=10 %
No Load Current: <8 mA
Maximum Load Current: 150 mA
Voltage Drop: <1.5 V
Switching Frequency: 1000 Hz
Response Time: 0.2 ms
Repeatability: 1 % of Sr
Switching Hysteresis: <15 % of Sr
Temperature Drift: <10 % of Sr
Housing material: Nickel plated brass
Sensing Material: PBT
IP Rating: IP67
Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 degC C
Cable Length: approx 2M
Short Circuit Protection: Yes

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