LC-GSM-SIM800C-2 USB to GSM Serial Port GPRS Module with bluetooth

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1. The on-board CH340T USB serial port chip has simple driver installation and high compatibility.
2. Self-resilient SIM card slot design. support 2G card or small card. In NZ, only Vodafone has 2G network. This module does not support 3G / 4G .
3. Module power-on automatic boot-up connection network, do not need keys to control the boot-up, eliminating the trouble of boot-up process.
4. Support SMS sending and receiving, provide management software.
5. Provide references to PC source code (c#, vb) supporting information and instructions for use.
6. It supports GPRS data transmission in 2G network and can be used in mobile meter reading and other occasions.
7. Support bluetooth data transmission, IEEE802.15 bluetooth standard, 2.4 GHz working frequency band.Support adaptive baud rate.
8. With working indicator, no network, no SIM card or SIM card insertion reverse time LED lamp flickers at one second interval, normal access to the network three seconds a flash.
9. Dimension: 27 x 50.7 mm



Package included:
1 x USB to GSM Serial Port GPRS SIM800C Module

Type: Module

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