Linear Actuator 300mm Stroke 12V 20mm/s 60kg LFHB

NZD $144.34 +GST each

SKU: 10612

This is a Linear Actuator with 300 mm stroke (travel length).

This actuator should always be used with an in-line fuse to protect the DC motor from over current.

This actuator cannot be operated with other actuators synchronously.

For synchronous system, the actuator needs to have a built-in position feedback sensor and multiple actuators connect to a dedicated synchronous controller.
We can supply synchronous system with 2, 3 or 4 actuators, lead time is 2 - 3 weeks. Control can be done by a keypad and/or remote fobs.

For linear actuator brackets, simply search keywords "brackets" or search in the hardware category or search for these SKU number
SKU 10414 (heavy duty)
SKU 10709

Actuator Model: LFHB
Initial Length: 450 mm
Travel (Stroke): 300 mm
Supply Voltage (Voltage): 12 V
Speed: 20 mm/s
Load Capacity (Rated Load): 60 kg
Power Rating Peak: 30 W
Power rating continuous: 20 W
Current Rating: 2.5 A
Operating Temperature: -20 to +75 C
Limit Switches: Built-in both ends
IP Rating: IP65
Noise level: 54 dB

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