Automatic Door Closer 15-65kg Door MI2102

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This is a high quality MARIE brand door closer. This door closer is for 15-65kg door. Please note that it is not latched, it will automatically close door at any angle.

Automatic door closers are devices designed to close doors automatically after they have been opened. They are commonly used in public buildings, commercial establishments, and private residences to ensure that doors are closed after people have passed through them, for security, energy conservation, or other purposes.

Features and Benefits

Automatic door closers come with a range of features and benefits that make them essential components of modern buildings. Some of the key features and benefits of automatic door closers include:

Convenience: Automatic door closers are convenient as they eliminate the need for individuals to manually close doors after they have passed through them.

Security: Automatic door closers help to enhance the security of buildings by ensuring that doors are closed and locked after people have left.

Energy Conservation: Automatic door closers help to conserve energy by ensuring that doors are closed after people have passed through them, reducing the loss of heat or cold air from the building.

Noise Reduction: Automatic door closers operate quietly and smoothly, reducing the noise levels in buildings.

Accessibility: Automatic door closers provide increased accessibility for people with disabilities, elderly people, and those carrying heavy objects.

Automatic door closers are essential components of modern buildings, providing convenience, security, energy conservation, noise reduction, and increased accessibility for people with disabilities. They operate on a simple mechanism that uses springs, hydraulic pistons, or a combination of both to control the speed at which the door closes. There are different types of automatic door closers available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits, making it easy to find one that meets the needs of any building or space.

- Brand: MARIE
- Type: Door Closer
- Material:Aluminum Alloy
- Model Number:MI-2102
- Weight:1.3kg
- Size: see picture
- Suitable for 15 - 65kg door

The door closer is only suitable for one-way casement door.It is generally not used for frameless glass doors.

A automatic closing, protect the door ; B.closing speed can be adjusted.

Watch video to see how to install