Micro Linear Actuator Controller (Wireless) 12V

NZD $86.95 +GST each

SKU: 108815

This is a wireless controller specially designed for micro linear actuator.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Description below is for a typical micro linear actuator we have in stock.

Find more about our micro linear actuator here.

This is a Micro Electric Linear Actuator with mm stroke (travel length).

It is also known as mini linear actuator or electric linear actuator. This actuator should always be used with an in-line fuse to protect the DC motor from over current.

This actuator cannot be operated with other actuators synchronously. For synchronous system, the actuator needs to have a built-in position feedback sensor and multiple actuators connect to a dedicated synchronous controller.

For other linear actuator series have a look at the link below:

Also Known As: Mini Linear Actuator, Electric Linear Actuator, Miniature Linear Actuator
Operating Temperature: -26 to +85 C
Limit Switches: Built-in both ends
IP Rating: IP54
Fully Extended Length: mm

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