MMA8451 3-axis accelerometer module

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MMA8451 3-axis Accelerometer Module for Arduino. This MMA8451Q has the lowest noise, and it has 14 bit ADC resolution compare to other chip accelerometer, which makes this accelerometer one of the highest performance in the market, apart from the expensive high end alternatives.


Power supply: 3v - 5v
Interface: I2C up to 400 kHz
Selectable range: 2g/4g/8g
Noise: 99 ug/root(Hz)
Max current: 165 uA
Mounting hole diameter: 3mm
Mounting hole pitch: 15mm
Size: Approx. 14.5 mm x 20.5 mm ( 0.57 in x 0.80 in )
MMA8451Q module, high-precision tilt sensor module 14BIT-digit

Type: Module

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