MPPT Controller Module 5A DC-DC Step-down SolarPanel Controller, Battery Charge

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- Module Properties: Non-isolated buck module (BUCK)
- Input voltage: 636 V
- Output voltage:1.2532 V continuously adjustable
- MPPT voltage setting range: 636 V
- Output current range: 0.055A(Suggest 3A if work for long time)
- Turn lights output range: 0.015A (default turn lamp current 0.3A)
- Operating temperature: -40 +85 degree
- Operating frequency: 180 KHz
- Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency, input & output voltage, current and pressure-related)
- Short circuit protection: Yes
- Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)
- Input reverse polarity protection: None, (if necessary, please add the string into the diode)
- Output anti-anti-irrigation protection: no, the output must be connected to the battery plus blocking diode, otherwise it will burn the module!
- Charging indicator: charging red, bright green when fully charged. Turn lamp is the output current detection.
- Installation: 4 Pcs 3mm screws
- Connection: IN is the input, OUT is output

The module's current detection is low-end detection. Please do not short the input negative and output negative directly with wire

- DIY a voltage Regulator, with constant current function, Short-circuit proof, can protect the load.
- power supply for electronic devices(cellphone or other digital products)
- battery charge, can observe the charging state
- charger for all kinds of batteries, with MPPT function, can enhance the charging current to double, With a constant current and prevents battery overcharge, effective protection of the battery.
- support high-power LED.

If the module has no output voltage, please set the MPPT potentiometer clockwise to the voltage output.

1, set the output voltage: according to the battery you want to charge the float voltage, or string, parallel to the LED voltage, adjust the constant voltage potentiometer (CV), the output voltage is set to the required voltage. (Without load)

2, set the turn light current instructions: set the output voltage, the CC potentiometer counterclockwise 20 laps or so, with a multimeter 20A current file short-circuit output, adjust the CC potentiometer to you need to turn the lamp current, Light electric potentiometer, transferred to just light green so far.

3, set a constant current value: tune the turn-on lamp current, the multimeter 20A current file is still short-circuit output, (with voltage, ammeter direct wire short-circuit output can) adjust the CC potentiometer to the current value you need to set. (When using the short-circuit method to set the output current, the actual charging current will be smaller than the short-circuit setting current, the battery should have the remaining voltage, if you want to set the exact charging current, please use the battery connected to the output And then set the output current.)

Note: constant current set when the voltage is higher than 1.25V, otherwise the constant current function will be invalid.

4, set the MPPT voltage:

A, with adjustable power supply set method: the adjustable power supply to set the voltage value (such as 18V), the output is not connected to the load, the module has an output voltage, counterclockwise MPPT Set the potentiometer to the output voltage just lower the critical point can be.

B, with the solar panel directly set the method: input directly connected to the solar panels, according to the load set the output voltage, shade in the solar panels on the part of the light, the output load. Multimeter to measure the output voltage of the solar panel (with the voltage meter cut to the input voltage display), adjust the MPPT potentiometer to the solar panel voltage to the maximum power point voltage so far. (Solar panels actually the maximum power point voltage will be lower than the nominal voltage, such as 18V solar panels, the maximum power point will be about 17.5V)

You can also adjust the output current by adjusting the MPPT value, the multimeter current range between the output and the load (with the head of the switch can be switched to the current display), call back MPPT potentiometer to the output current to the maximum.

Note: When using solar panels to adjust the MPPT value directly, when the power of the solar panel is greater than the load power, please block some of the light on the board to reduce the solar panel power, so as to adjust the MPPT value.

Type: Module

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