Precision Bench Top Power Supply 30V 10A KXN-3010D

NZD $173.90 +GST each

SKU: 10261

KXN Series are high precision, high stability and high reliability High-Switching DC Power Supply. It has many advantages such as small size, light in weight, high efficiency, fast response and high accuracy when compared with the linear power supply, and they are certainly great for the labs.

Model: KXN-3010D
Input voltage: 200 - 240VAC,
Frequency : 50-60 Hz
Plug type: NZ Plug
Output Voltage: Varying from 0 to 30V DC
Output Current Varying from 0 to 10A
Load Regulation
Voltage Regulation
Ripple Voltage
100Hz Ripple Voltage
Display Accuracy +-1%
Weight 2.58Kg
Operating environment -20 C to + 50 C
Dimension: 275 x 126 x 155mm

a. Output voltage and output current between 0 to rated value is continuously adjustable.
b. Automatic conversion between Constant voltage and constant current modes.
c. Allow long time short-circuit under certain circumstances
d. Overload and reverse polarity protection to keep power supply and its loads safe from unexpected conditions
e. LED digital display output voltage and output current
f. Smart Cooling fan variable speed according to internal temperature to minimise fan noise.

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