Professional Tool Set for Electronics Engineer

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NZ $46.08 +GST each

SKU: 10054

This is a High Quality Tool Set for your Electronics Projects, be it your personal home baked project, or commercial serious R&D project.

I'm a professional electronics engineer who develops high end instruments, and believe me, that is what you need for almost all electronic work. All packed in a nice zipped pack for great portability.

Package include:
1 x Anti-static wrist strap
1 x Stainless Steel Ruler 150mm
1 x Screw driver Set
1 x Bent tweezers (anti-static)
1 x Straight tweezers (anti-static)
1 x Side cutter (anti-static)
1 x Tool case
1 x Wire stripper
2 x Solder 0.8 mm
1 x Scalpel handle
10 x Scalpel blades
1 x Solder wick

Type: Tools

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