SIM800C GSM GPRS Module 5V/3.3V TTL Development Board IPEX With Bluetooth and TTS STM32 C51

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- Power input: DC5V or received by a lithium battery input VBAT and GND
- Supports MCU level: 5V / 3.3V for TTL logic, such as the common 51 and the for arduino is 5v, STM32 is the 3.3v
- Antenna use: IPEX antenna interfaces, you can use the version PCB antenna or antenna IPEX-SMA- peppers -

Pin Description:
- 5V: power supply pin, the only input DC5V, used to power the board.
- V_TTL: access control board microcontroller core target voltage of 5V / 3.3V (according to its own microcontroller is much to distinguish kernel v), this pin is used to convert the GSM module board TXD and RXD for the corresponding TTL logic.GND: power supply ground
- TXD: send pin serial port module, TTL level (not directly connected to RS232 level)
- RXD: receive pin serial port module, TTL level (not directly connected to RS232 level)
- DTR: Data Terminal Ready
- SPKP: Core Audio output pin
- SPKN: Core Audio output pin
- MICN: Core Audio input
- MICP: Core Audio input
- RI: Ring core pin tips
- VRTC: RTC pin external battery
- GND: power supply ground
- PWR: This pin can turn down or turn off the module
- GND: power supply ground
- VBAT: lithium battery input pin, 3.3v-4.4v

Note:This module supports 2G card or small card. In NZ, only Vodafone has 2G network.It does not support 3G / 4G .

Package includes:
1 x SIM800C GSM GPRS Module
2 X Pins as shown in picture 1

Type: Module

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