TTL to RS485 Module Serial Port MCU Automatic Flow Control Module

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This transmitter module realizes the mutual conversion between TTL signal and RS485 signal, but we must know that 485 is a half-duplex communication, which can achieve two-way communication, but not in both directions at the same time, it must be carried out alternately; that is to say, each section of the communication channel can be the sender or the receiver, but at the same time, information. There can only be one transmission direction.
It realizes the automatic flow control of RS485 signal and the automatic switching of receiving and receiving directions. It is as simple to use this module as you operate the serial port.

- Wide voltage supply (3.0V30V), limit voltage 33V, recommended to use within 30V, the minimum voltage should be higher than 2.8V.
- Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V signals, both can match the module.
- Excellent EMC and EMI performance.
- Strong anti-jamming ability, and strong 485 lightning protection design
- working temperature is - 40 C to + 85 C.
- With terminal and silicone wire, it is very convenient to use.
- With RXD and TXD signal indicators.

This module fully considers the lightning protection design and anti-interference design of 485 bus. It has very high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (electromagnetic anti-interference) performance. When long-distance transmission in the field, connecting the "earth" end of the module to the earth can play a very good anti-interference and anti-lightning role, making 485 bus safer; indoor short-distance transmission can not access the earth.
With standard 2.54 spacing needle arrangement, it is convenient for your secondary development.
With 120 Euro matching resistance, short R0 can make matching resistance possible, and short R0 is recommended for long-distance transmission.
Supporting multi-machine communication, the same network can connect at least 40 nodes.
Hot plugging can be done without signal blocking.
Anti-interference routing and copper laying to prevent interference of signals.

Package include:
1 x TTL to RS485 Module
1 x Cable

Type: Module

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