18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 2000MAH Rechargeable with Protection PCB

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18650 2000mAH 18.5V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack, perfect for Solar Panel, data logger, sensors, torch, lighting, automations and other DIY use.

- 18650 2000mAH 18.5V rechargeable
- Battery pack with 5 cells in series
- Protection board enables charge voltage protection, Over temperature protection, over current protection and Short-circuit protection
- Environmental friendly
- Charge voltage: 21V
- Internal Resistance: 40-55 mOhm
- Operating temperature: -10c to 60c
- Color: blue
- 9.4cm x 7cm x 2cm

Package includes:
1 x 18650 2000mah Li-ion Battery Pack