40 Pcs Yellow Heat Shrink, TIN Electrical Terminal Connectors

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This auction is only for 40 Pieces of Yellow TIN Heat Shrink
- Material: Tin
- shrinkage 2:1
- Color: Yellow
- Quantity: 40 pieces
- ID: 6.0 mm, Length: 40 mm
- Contain glue with waterproof function IP67
- Hot melt adhesive label size suitable color
- Design easy for operation
- Operating temperature:
- Working temperature: - 55 C - 125 C
- Fully contraction temperature: 80 C
- Solder began to melt temperature: 138 C
- Solder completely melt temperature: 160 C

100% brand new and high quality
An easy one step connection of wires, soldered, insulated and sealed
Can be ideal use in marine and automobile applications
Polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt adhesive in inside
Solder and seal and with advanced waterproof function
Polyolefin heat shrink butt connectors improved pullout strength, provides seal, strain relief, cable check, and insulation

Discrete Solder Sleeve Wire Terminators (Shield Terminators).
Voltage 1kV.Ideal for wire termination
Designed for wire connection, double solder loop heat shrinkable protection, waterproof finish Design products.

Package include:
40 Pcs x Heat shrink connector Yellow

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