Adjustable Boost Converter Switch Mode module

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This is a non-isolated step-up switch mode module, output voltage is fully adjustable. It's based on the LM2577 converter IC.

When the potentiometer is facing you and PCB components are facing up, turn the potentiometer anti-clock wise to increase the output voltage and clock-wise to decrease the output voltage.

Please make sure to make good electrical contacts with the module's input and output pads when in use. Intermittent contact can permanently damage the module.

Input Voltage : 3 - 34V
Output Voltage: continuously adjustable (4-35V)
Output Current: 2.5A (MAX)
Input Current: 3A (MAX)
Module size: 49 (mm) x 26 (mm)
Input mode: IN + input positive level, IN-input negative
The output manner: OUT + output positive level,
OUT-output negative