Adjustable Luggage Suitcase Straps Baggage Belt

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100% Brand new and high quality durable luggage strap with secure coded lock for travelling. Adjustable Luggage Suitcase Straps Baggage Belt Tie Down with Combination Lock. Keep luggage secure and safe when travelling with these Tri-Combo adjustable Luggage Straps
Each strap includes a name and address tab to ensure you only pick up your own luggage and easier identification of lost luggage.
With a triple combination lock on the opening clasp that can be set to a code of your choice, these straps are perfect for deterring thieves.
Meet all kinds of your needs - easily secure luggage, backpack and etc
Size ( L x W ): Approx. 200cm x 5cm / 78.74inch x 1.97inch

Rainbow1 ( including red, pink, green, black )
Rainbow 2( including red,orange,yellow,green,blue )

ATTN: Only rainbow 1 and rainbow 2 available in stock now.

Material: Nylon + ABS

Operation instructions:

To open your personal combination, please obey the following steps
1.The lock is preset at factory to open at 0-0-0. check the 0-0-0 aim at indication line. Press down the snap. Now the lock is ready to open
2.Press down the button with sharp tool, hold the position until next step 3 is finished
3.Turn the character wheels to set your personal combination
4.Release the button, now your private combination is set
5.Remember well your new combination. If you want to change it again, please repeat
Package Includes:

1 x Rainbow Travel Luggage Suitcase Belt