Bussmann Fuse DMM-B-44/100-R Original Fluke Fuse

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Original Fluke Bussman Fuse 440MA DMM-B-44/100

- Size: L 35mm x D 10mm
- CTF Certification: UL / UR, RoHS
- Ampere Rating: 0.44A (Fast-Acting)
- Voltage Rating: 1000V AC/DC
- Sectional Ability: 10KA 1000V AC;10KA 1000V DC
- To suit: Fluke (Series III) 77, 79, 23, 26, 83, 97, and Fluke (Series IV) 78, 79

Package includes: 1pcs of Bussmann Fuse DMM-B-11A Original Fluke Fuse

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