CT Current Transformer Split 800A/5A, 800/5

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Split-core current transformers 5A secondary from sensed primary current for metering applications.

They can be used for power meters, distribution systems, control panels, switchgear and other equipment. Designed to install to live power lines without disconnection of the power source. Built-in over voltage protection provides a safe, fast and cost-effective installation.

Rated Primary Current: 50A
Saturation Current: >= 800A
Secondary current: 10mA
Accuracy: 0.5 grade
Electrical Strength: 1000VAC 1mA60s
Load Resistance: 5 Ohm
Core: Silicon Steel Core
Winding: 2UEW/130 MW75-C 0.16 E164502
Outer Case: PC-6600(Y) E56070 (Black)
Lead Wire: UL1015 22AWG 600V 105C red&black L=1050mm
Resistance: 5 1/4W 0.1%

Package includes:
1 x CT current transformer