Gas Struts Fully Extended Length 170mm 4kg/strut x 1 pair

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This is for one pair of brand new good quality gas struts.

When fully extended Centre to Centre length is 170mm, fully compressed length is 127mm, each strut can hold 4kg of weight.

Suitable for cars, cabinets, cupboards, book shelf, closets, windows and many others.

Please notice that the gas struts come with the default terminals ( as shown in photo). If you require extra mounting accessories and/or other types of end fittings, please contact us, we stock a sellection of end fitting accessories.


Fully Extended Length: 170 mm
Fully Compressed Length: 127 mm
Stroke: 43 mm
Force per strut: 4 kg
Force per pair: 8 kg
Outer Diameter (D): 16 mm
Inner Diameter (d): 6 mm

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