Gas Struts 230mm 30kg 1 pair

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Branded GOOD QUALITY Gas Struts for sale

Force [N]: 300N each, 600N per pair
Fully Extended Length [mm]: 230
Stroke [mm]: 75
Outer Diameter: 16mm
Inner Diameter: 6mm
Default Terminals: Flat head (M6 size)

Suitable for automotive parts, cupboards, cabinets, boats, marines and furniture

Please notice that the gas struts come with the default terminals ( flat head). If you require extra or other types of brackets, please check our list for terminals. They are $8.99 per pair.

Package include:
2 x gas struts
4 x ring terminals Lug

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Fully Extended Length: 230 mm
Stroke: 75 mm
Force per strut: 30 kg
Force per pair: 60 kg
Outer Diameter (D): 16 mm
Inner Diameter (d): 6 mm