Glue Gun Battery Powered USB Rechargeable

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Ready to use in no time, no annoying cord, comfortable handling: this cordless hot glue gun is a practical tool for countless fastening jobs in the home and workshop. Simply insert a 7mm glue stick, switch on the tool and after only 15 seconds you can start gluing. This hot glue gun can be used to glue virtually all materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, leather, plastic, wood, metal, cork or stone. This makes smaller repairs or mending and decoration work incredibly easy.

4pcs of glue sticks are included.

Key product features

One battery charge is enough for 100 minutes
Ready to glue after only 15 seconds of heat-up time

Other product advantages

Charging with micro USB charger
Always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technology no memory effect, no self-discharge
With heat and battery status indicator
Safe to use thanks to heat shield
Outstanding handling due to compact design
Instant adhesion after only a few seconds

1. Please charge 3 hours before the first use
2. Do not use while charging