Heat Shrink Tube 18mm x 1 meter, Black

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This price is for 1 meter of 18mm Heat Shrink Tube

- Diameter: 18mm (Suitable for 9.30-17.00mm wires)
- Heat shrink tubing ratio: 2: 1
- Diameter after fully shrink: <=9.00mm
- Thickness after fully shrink: 0.7 0.10mm
- Temperature range : -55125
- Length: 1 meter
- Color : Black

- Suitable for various electric insulation and bonding of cables and connectors and widely applied for connecting or end-handling, electric wire, insulating and harness of electric wire, corrosion-proof of metallic rods or tubes, and antenna protection.
- Very thin wall tubing good protection for temperature sensitive components.
- Low shrink temp improves production efficiency.
- Fast, safe, secure way to wrap wiring harnesses.

Package includes:
- 1 x 1 Meter Heat Shrinkable Tube (18mm)