Heavy Duty Drawer Runner 120kg 700mm with Lock

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Quality Heavy Duty Drawer Runner rated at 120 kg. 3 stage full extension means the fully extended length is double of the fully closed length.

Fitted with ball bearings, so even at 120 kg load, it can be operated with ease! Suitable for Warehouse, Cabinets, Industrial drawers, motor homes, commercial vehicles etc

Package include: 1 pair (2 units)


Closed Length: 700 mm
Fully Extended Length: 1415 mm
Runner Thickness: 19.1 +/- 0.7 mm
Runner Width: 53 mm
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Thickness: 2 mm
With Lock: Yes

Other lengths available

Closed length, Extended length, Lock, Price per pair

700mm 1415mm No $89.99
800mm 1615mm Yes $144.99
800mm 1615mm No $129.99
900mm 1815mm Yes $184.99
900mm 1815mm No $169.99
950mm 1915mm No $189.99
1000mm 2015mm Yes $234.99
1000mm 2015mm No $219.99
1100mm 2215mm No $229.99
1200mm 2415mm Yes $264.99