Intelligent LED Light Strip IP68 Weatherproof 1M

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IP68 Weatherproof LED Strips.

The LED strips are encapsulated by transparent resin + tube, so they are IP68 weather proof, and they are still soft enough to bend. Each LED is programmable to your desired color.

For each LED:
LED + Built-in Controller model number WS2812B (datasheet available on request), signal pin Din and Dout for signal propagation. Large size hence very bright, LED footprint is 5050RBG, 24-bit resolution, that is 16777216 colors. The strip is powered by 5V, 3.6A/m, 60LEDs/m, 3 wires for external connections: GND, DI, +5V. Each LED is programmable.

Please note that if you break the row to multiple pieces, the strip would not be weatherproof anymore, and you are responsible to seal the ends of the strips.

We have 1M and 5M roll available but this listing is for 1M roll LED strip only. See our other listing for 5M roll.

PCB board color is white. This strip is IP68 weatherproof, this is the highest seal standard. Most LED strips on sale are waterproof only, which corresponds to either IP 66 or IP67.

- Easy installation
- Solid state, high shock resistant

- Ideal for furniture decorative lighting, display and showcase.
- Bait tank lighting
- Stair lighting
- Kitchen lighting
- Courtesy lighting
- Caravan lighting
- Camping and Outdoor lighting
- Garden and exterior lighting

Package include:
1 x 1m LED Strip IP68