LoRa bluetooth Wifi IOT SX1276 + ESP32 Development Board Module with OLED

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- Support for Arduino IDE
- Complete WIFI protocol
- bluetooth V4.2 complete standard
- Rich interface and OLED display
- Lora wireless communication
- Strong anti-interference
- Low energy consumption


- Smart car
- Intelligent street light
- Robot control
- Equipment monitoring
- Environmental monitoring
- Drone control, etc.


Chip: SX1276+ESP32
Transmission distance: 6KM in the open area
Sleep current: 800UA
Main frequency: 240MHZ
Supported frequency bands:868/915
WIFI rate: 150Mbps
Screen: 0.49 inch OLED screen
Storage: 64M-Bits FLASH
Power: USB, lithium battery
Interface: UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, Mirco SD card, 12-bit ADC, 8-bits DAC, 29 general GPIO ports

Package Included:

1 x LoRa OT SX1276 + ESP32 Development Board
1 x 433-470MHz / 868-915MHz Antenna