Programmable Precision Bench Top Power Supply KA3003P 30V 3A

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This is the LAB GRADE bench supply by KORAD. It is a Precision Variable Adjustable 30V 3A DC Power Supply. This is the programmable version, comes wiith a USB cable to to connect to a PC, and a CD for software.

Model: KA3003P

Compact Design
Dual 4 Digit LED Displays
Digital Controls
Output switch control
4 sets of parameters can be stored inside for fast recall
Keyboard Lock to prevent accidental changing of set parameters
Circuit protection for over load, short circuit and over temperature.
Automatic switching between mA and A display
Quiet variable speed fan

Operating Conditions:
Input voltage: 220V +/-10%
Frequency range: 50- 60Hz
Operating temperature: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
Operating humidity: < 80%RH

Voltage Specification:
Output Voltage Range: 0-30V Continuously adjustable
Resolution: 10 mV
Accuracy (at 25C +/-5C): <0.05% +20 mV
Ripple: < 1mVRMS
Read back Accuracy: 10 mV
Temp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 10mV
Read back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm + 10 mV

Current Specification:
Output Current Range: 0-3A Continuously adjustable
Resolution: 1 mA
Accuracy (at 25C +/-5C): <0.02% +3 mA
Ripple: < 3mARMS
Read back Accuracy: 1 mA
Temp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 5mA
Read back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+5 mA

Weight: 4.3 Kg
Dimensions: 110 x 156 x 260mm
Comes with Stackable Banana Leads.