Soldering Tools - Tweezers 6pcs

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High Quality Black ESD tweezer/Vetus tweezer/stainless steel tweezer

ESD Tweezers also called Semiconductor tweezers and conductive tweezers. This is a high quality and durable type tweezers suitable for the semiconductor , IC, and other precision electronic components production use.

These tweezers are very light & easy to handle. Suitable for very high precision electronic product operation. It has been widely use for electronic repairing and precision instruments

Material : Stainless Steel
Other features: No slip through, & anti-magnetic.
Esd-10: Used to work with soldered Integrated Circuit Chips, and to install or replace parts
Esd-11: Suitable for precision electronic part operation.
Esd-12: Can strongly clamp the circuit board. Components will not fall easily.
Esd-13: Its round shape avoid component from damage and is suitable for extracting wafer circuit chips
Esd-14: Sharp Edge, Suitable For High-Density Integrated Circuit Chip Operation
Esd-15: Suitable for extracting parts in circuit board.

Type: Tweezers