Three-In-One Distance Measuring Tool, Tape Measure, Laser and Leveler

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Kickstart Your DIY Project Using a Three-In-One Distance Measuring Tool Featuring 2.5m Measuring Tape, Horizontal and Vertical Spirit Levels and a Laser Pointer with a Range Up to 15 Metres.

The Offer

If your current DIY measuring system consists of an old beat up tape measure you could do worse than upgrading to this fancy Distance Measuring Tool!

Make your home projects that much easier with this handy three-in-one device

Includes a 2.5m measuring tape, horizontal and vertical spirit levels and a laser pointer with a range of up to 15 metres

Measures (HWL) 188 x 35 x 63mm and features a laser wavelength of 650mm-680mm

It's the ideal multifunctional accessory for measuring up materials and making sure everything fits into place - perfect for big DIY projects or simply hanging a picture frame on a wall