Toy Storage Large Bag (diameter 150cm)

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Tidy Up After Playtime Easily and Quickly with This Play Mat that Doubles as a Convenient Toy Storage Bag!

Anyone who has ever experienced the sole-piercing pain of standing bare-footed on a loose Lego brick knows exactly how important it is to have the kids clean up their toys once playtime has finished! Make tidying up easier than ever with this 2-in-1 Toy Storage Bag & Play Mat!

This convenient nylon bag doubles as a play mat and storage bag - simply lie it down on the ground and let the children spill their toys over it
When playtime is done, tidying up is as easy as lifting the edges and pulling the drawstring and presto! Everything is packed away neatly in a colourful sack of toys ready for next time.

This brilliant bag is available in pink or blue - make your choice email to us.

Safe and durable nylon material
Size: 60 inch (150 cm) in diameter