Drawer Slides 1200mm x 76mm With Lock Super Heavy Duty Runners 1 pair

NZD $252.17 +GST each pair

SKU: 108137

Also known as 2576 220kg class drawer slides. The actual load capacity depends on the length of the runners.

For lockable version, the slides can be locked either at fully closed or fully opened position by pressing down the lever. The length of the lock lever is 45mm. Please allow 50mm clearance if lockable slides are chosen.

These quality ball bearing heavy duty drawer slides have 3 stage full extension, which means the fully extended length is double of the fully closed length.

The closed length of these slides is 1200 mm, fully extended length is 2400 mm, rated capacity is 132 kg.

These slides are ideal for Warehouse, Cabinets, Industrial drawers, motor homes, commercial vehicles etc.

Recommended fixing: flat head M6 screws (not included).

These Spring loaded drawer handles work well with drawers in vehicles.

Please download the Installation Instructions below for more detail.

Example of installation procedure


Package include: 1 pair (2 units)


As a safety feature., the inner rail cannot be pulled out completely from the outer rail

Gaps must be 19mm in parrellel to the mounting wall throughout as the drawer slides in/out. If not parrallel, the inner rail is forced to get seperated from the outer rail, causing permanent damage.

If the gaps are too large, especially installed in vehicles, the drawer gets wobbled sideways, which can cause permanent damage.

For locking drawer slides, press the lock DOWN to unlock the slides.

Keywords: Ball Bearing Runners, Extra Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, Super Heavy Duty Drawer Runners.

Closed Length: 1200 mm
Fully Extended Length: 2400 mm
Runner Thickness: 19.2 +/- 0.3 mm
Runner Width: 76 mm
Load Capacity (Rated Load): 132 kg
Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Lock: With Lock

Other lengths available
SKU, Closed length, Extended length, Lock, Price per pair
108106, 1200mm, 2400mm, , $269.99
108129, 1500mm, 3000mm, , $299.99
108160, 1500mm, 3000mm, With Lock, $319.99
108257, 1000mm, 2000mm, With Lock, $259.99
108256, 1000mm, 2000mm, No Lock, $239.99
108802, 1400mm, 2800mm, With Lock, $299.99
108776, 600mm, 1200mm, With Lock, $149.99
108860, 1400mm, 2800mm, , $279.99
108828, 700mm, 1400mm, With Lock, $159.99
108827, 500mm, 1000mm, With Lock, $134.99

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